Saturday, October 11, 2014

WOW! Things have CHANGED!

Greetings Doodle Fans-
After looking at our blog, and seeing that nothing has been posted since FEBRUARY!
Holy COW!
That is crazy. So much has happened to his Doodle family, and there is really isn't time to tell it all.
We have moved, settled in, and have been enjoying our new community.
Just recently, Mr. Doodle was made the principal of the school where he is working. It has been exciting and crazy at the same time!
Now that things are settling back in, we have all been at work trying to get more sets of doodles out. Sadly, one of the doodles lost ALL their drawn art when her Kindle reset after updating. She was very sad, but didn't let it get her down. She is working on recreating ALL her sets and we will have them available soon.

Thanks for your patience and support. We LOVE you!

-The Doodle Family!